Randy knew Rebecca for a long time before Bridget moved in, but pretty much ignored her and hang out with
Aaron. Rebecca came along with Bridget, Aaron, and Randy to the mall.

Later, Rebecca noticed that Randy looked upset.

She suggest that they should go to the food court, and then Aaron and Bridget went to some other store.

Once alone, Rebecca asks if Randy is okay.

He claims he is just hungry.

But soon he tells her the whole story.

She was dissapointed that he liked Bridget.

Then they walked around the mall, when Randy asked what the next topic should be. Rebecca doesn't really care. Half way through the walk, Randy says that they should go back, and Rebecca agrees.

Then Rebecca thinks she likes him more than 2 hours ago. They find Aaron and Bridget and Randy goes to the crossroad and Rebecca goes with. They do a little contest when Randy freaks out and panicks when he hears a NERF gun.